Community Resources

The Latrobe Police department maintains a positive working relationship with our schools and our city's private and public organizations. 

The police department provides a proactive role in the area of crime prevention. 

We offer an array of community relations and educational programs. 

These programs are targeted at all ages from preschool aged children up to the elderly of our community. 

Personal safety and drug and alcohol prevention are some of the most requested areas of community education. 

Any requested programs, tours of the police facilities or educational assistance may be scheduled by directing your requests to Community Service Officer Beth Straka at (724) 537-5526 .

The Latrobe Reality Tour

The Latrobe Reality Tour is a volunteer-driven substance abuse prevention program that is presented to parents and their children within a community setting. The Tour provides realistic scenes about the consequences of drug use and enables the audience to closely witness the emotions, turmoil and grief caused by a family member choosing to use drugs. The Tour is held the 3rd Wednesday of every month October through April. To reserve your spot at the next Tour, call (724) 396-0467

License to Carry

The Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department sets up in Council Chambers of the Municipal Building from 12:00 P.M. until 6:00 P.M., the last Monday of each month for residents to apply or renew a License to Carry. Applicants must provide a PA Driver’s License or PA Photo ID Card with a current address. New applicants must include the name, address, and, phone numbers of two references that are not immediate family members. There is a $20.00 fee for the license and payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card. For more information or to confirm the Latrobe dates, go to www.

Drug Complaint Form

To report drug activity, fill out the Drug Complaint Form and return it to the Latrobe Police Department. You may remain anonymous.

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Internship Program

The Latrobe police Department extends our department to college students who are attending an accredited school, academy or college and who are enrolled in the law enforcement course of study or a related field.

The department believes that the contrast between classroom learning and the exposure to real life "street situations" is invaluable to the student. The hands-on experience will definitely change the way you think about the law enforcement profession.

Officer Ray Swiderski is the student internship coordinator.

Interns are selected on a first come basis. A completed application, a letter of recommendation, proof of liability insurance from the attended college or university and a background check are required to be considered for an intern position. Interns are awarded positions in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

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Student Information

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility of the entire community. Our department offers students of St. Vincent College and the Latrobe campus of Westmoreland County Community College a 24 /7 public safety department. We patrol the neighborhoods that students live in and enforce ordinances, giving students peace of mind, enabling them to have a successful college experience.

Report a Concern

Please use this form to report any concerns to the police department. You can either use this form anonymously or provide contact information so we may reach you to obtain additional information.


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